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How to Incorporate Essential Oils into your Skin Care Routine

Orange-essential-oils-3I’ve had a life long obsession with high quality, all natural skin care products and I’ve spent more than I would like to admit on these very indulgent products.

Having a greater awareness for concerns about using processed chemicals on my skin, which is after all the largest organ system in my body, prompted my interest in making my own skin care products.

The benefits of making my own products exceed the cost and health benefits.

It’s much more convenient than I realized to make my own products. Many ingredients I already have in my pantry and my aromatherapy oils collection.

It’s much easier than I ever realized to make these products as they are simple and require few ingredients. And trust me I’m no Martha Stewart…

On that note, I’ve overcome the “I have no time to do this” objection since not only do these blends have minimal ingredients, but I have saved numerous hours reading ingredients lists and making decisions in stores about which products to buy. Once you get your basics down for purchasing and consuming mostly whole foods in their natural state, the process of incorporating those same nourishing items into your health and wellness routine is a natural and simple progression.

Lastly, it takes so much less time to make these blends at home than it does to read labels in the store. I would rather use my time mindfully on my self and home care than spending frustrating hours navigating and deciphering the claims (often false) and ingredients on home and self care products that profess to be good for you. Even the “natural” and more affordable types found at drugstores, WalMart and Target contain preservatives.

My latest obsession in health care are to find the purest, most effective, most affordable and most enjoyable ways to naturally clean, exfoliate and moisturize my body from scalp to toes.

To keep my “older” skin clear, soft and supple, I’ve tested several oils like sweet almond oil, shea butter, olive and coconut oil. Incorporating aromatic essential oils to these base oils allows me to create unique and fresh signature products created for me and by me. You can trust yourself to make a product that works best for you. With a few simple ingredients that you already have, making your own natural products at home is super easy.

Here are just a few ideas to get started.

Exfoliate Naturally

Source MindBodyGreen – Be sure not to use on damaged skin or on acne.


My notes: Use a loofah or other natural bristle brush on dry skin to remove dead cells. Also a brisk rub with a clean towel after bath or shower costs nothing, and often does a good job of exfoliating. But hey who doesn’t enjoy a product splurge once in awhile and when you have the time and inclination for that, the above scrub is a sensory treat. For product freshness, I recommend halving the recipe above to make a smaller batch, since the whole half cup of coconut oil is a bit excessive for one use, in my opinion.



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