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Living more than half a century has given me a number of reasons to switch & evaluate not just the food that I consume, but everything that I put ON my body as well as cleaning agents that I use in my home – including what I spend on them and how I use them.

On the purity scale, I find I am finding fewer and fewer acceptable and affordable processed foods and household cleaners. So working on the premise of greater awareness, and having in general more appreciation and respect for everything in my life, I am more often these days making, rather than buying, products that live up to my standards of purity and quality.


I’ve discovered that it is possible to use my essential oils (as well incorporate my beloved practices of mindfulness and yoga) to elevate some of these activities to a much more life affirming and supporting level.

When I realized that I was starting to become very much aware of marketing tactics on every level that used to con me into purchasing the products that I now make for myself, I knew I had made a important mind shift.

Finding new best ways to care for my body and environment in a fun adventure that I wish for everyone to try.


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Below are some links to specific ideas for how to create effective, affordable and enjoyable natural skin care & cleaning products and experiences at home and a few simple recipes to get you started.

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